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Activities in Guanajuato

  • alhóndiga de granaditas

Guanajuato is known as a living cultural enclosure that site adventure activities, and other world-renowned for its already renowned International Cervantino Festival, which make the grade of forced cultural destination. In this picture, the Alhóndiga shown with many spectators the opening of a "FIC".

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Walking its streets is an experience, thanks to the benefits of mining architecture is exuberant, regardless of whether the city became a large gallery where countless artists and craftsmen molded their art, transforming it into a precious treasure. There is a diversity of cultural events like the Guanajuato International Film Festival (GIFF), or the festival of guitar, book, a lot of events that you can discover here.

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Guanajuato is a city with a very own identity, history, location, its neoclassical buildings, squares and open spaces baroque churches. And famous staircase of the "Universidad de Guanajuato", always be decked out with an event to enjoy its beauty, learn and also, have fun. As shown in the photo, film Street Cinema Club thanks to the same Guanajuato University (UG).


The countless streets and alleys, with their houses, squares, neighborhoods, legends and stories, give sufficient material for visitors scroll on their own feet around, this still marvel at the beauty and tradition of the city.

In "Places to visit" part, interesting places are mentioned, almost all interconnected.

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It's worth mentioning that the passages to be seen, are no less fun than the nightlife can be provided in restaurants, bars, nightclubs and cinemas, and the countless artistic and cultural events that make the reputation of the city.


  • artesanías gto

For anyone wishing to bring a craft or a souvenir, or maybe just enjoy a snack, Guanajuato offers various options for all tastes.

Market Hidalgo and House of Handicrafts Guanajuatenses


Inaugurated by President Porfirio Diaz as part of the celebrations of the centenary of independence in September 1910.

Pink stone building (edited color in this picture) that was initially planned as a railway station, now used as a regional market where items are offered, candy, crafts, and food.

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The most wanted article, are the handicrafts, and you can find things for all tastes and ages.
One option is the "Casa de las Artesanías Guanajuatenses" House of Guanajuatenses crafts, which is within walking distance of our hotel, and which features items from artisans across the state. There is also the traditional candies "La Catrina" recognized city brand, or silver art house "Casa del Quijote" (both in the same street in front of our Hotel)


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In the capital you can find many companies dedicated to conduct tours, one of the most typical in the city are called "Callejoneadas" where a group of musicians with a group of tourists walking foot, the main streets of the historic center singing, dancing and learning history or listening legends. If you are interested in any type of travel, you can directly ask the staff, and we will suggest the best option.

  • grill

For those who opt for bars, clubs, terraces, cafes, discos, cinema, artistic events or things like that, there are plenty of options around the historic center, for every taste, you can find it all here. A few steps away are located in the main square a number of canteens where you can sit outside to listen to mariachi, or take a snack. There are also some bars like the "Hammer Soul" , "the Mezcalitos" or the famous "Grill" or" bar fly ".